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I'm Christina Joy.

I use my intuitive medium gifts
to help clients receive healing, messages and guidance
from the higher realms.

About Christina Joy

Be transported to a realm beyond the physical through the gifted talents of Christina Joy, a compassionate intuitive and medium dedicated to bridging the gap between this world and the next. Christina possesses a rare ability to connect with souls who have left their earthly bodies behind. Through her clairvoyant channeling, she can relay messages of love, guidance, and healing from loved ones passed on.

Christina approaches intuitive mediumship with an open heart and reverence for the process. Her journey began unexpectedly when a client tragically passed away. Christina was miraculously able to channel her departed spirit and offer closure to grieving family members through letters of apology and explanation from their loved one. Since then, Christina has refined her abilities through dedicated training and practice.

In intuitive readings, Christina tunes into your energy field and higher consciousness telepathically. She calls in spiritual guidance to share insights about your life path, relationships, and any pressing questions. Many seek Christina's counsel on major life decisions such as careers, moves, and relationships. Her goal is always to share what will allow your highest good to unfold.

Christina is also a gifted energy healer, certified in multiple modalities including Reiki and Inner Resonance Technologies. She is able to sense blockages and imbalances in your energy system and correct them through light touch and energy channeling. Whether in person or remotely, Christina's healing hands can bring relief, balance and vitality. 

If you seek greater peace and understanding, let Christina Joy open the doorway to the spirit realm and your highest self. The messages and healing she channels can bring comfort, closure and spiritual awakening.

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Single Remote Session

Get personalized healing, insights and messages from the spirit world with a one-hour remote session with Christina Joy. She will tune into your energy from a distance and open an intuitive channel of communication and high frequency energy. Christina relays healing messages and guidance from loved ones. She also answers your most pressing questions on relationships, life purpose, decisions, and more by accessing higher wisdom.

After connecting with your energy field remotely, Christina will provide a chakra balancing to align your spiritual energy centers. This rejuvenating energy healing helps restore harmony emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

You can submit questions ahead of time or chat with Christina live during the session. Expect comfort, closure, and spiritual awakening as she bridges the gap between this world and the next in this profound remote experience.

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6-Session Package

Go on a powerful spiritual journey with six remote intuitive medium sessions with Christina Joy.

This package allows you to work closely with Christina over time to gain deeper insights through her channeling abilities. Each 60-minute session includes communication with loved ones who have passed on, spirit guides, and your higher self.

Christina will also provide energy balancing and chakra healing customized to your needs at the time. Meeting consistently over a 6 week period allows you to gain clarity on pressing issues, make important decisions from an aligned place, and continually raise your vibration through spiritual connection and energy healing.

This package is ideal for those seeking profound spiritual growth and awakening through regular communication with realms beyond the physical. Take your spiritual practice and self-understanding to new heights under Christina Joy's gifted guidance.

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities

Have you ever wondered if you might have innate psychic or intuitive abilities? Discover how to tap into these gifts for self-empowerment and guidance with Christina Joy's free ebook "5 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities."

In this transformative guide, you'll discover:

  1. The most powerful 15 minute daily practice for awakening your intuition
  2. How to decode symbolic messages from your dreams and subconscious
  3. Simple ways to notice synchronicities and interpret their hidden guidance
  4. Tips to open and activate your "third eye" psychic center
  5. Actionable exercises to build your extra-sensory perception

Whether you're brand new to developing psychic abilities or want to amplify your existing skills, this ebook provides an illuminating introduction.

Gain insight into your untapped potential and begin unfolding your higher wisdom and inner mystic.

Embrace your gifts and elevate your self-understanding to new heights!


5 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities

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